The “No Limits” Mentoring Mission is a charitable outreach program dedicated to helping disabled people to achieve their career goals through mentoring, training, technology, employer partnerships and special governmental programs that incentivize companies to hire this highly motivated, but largely forgotten segment of the American population.

“An estimated 70 percent of all visually-impaired people between 18 and 69 are unemployed,” said Patrick Lennon, founder of the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission.  “This isn’t acceptable.  If a person has career aspirations – whether they are paralyzed, wheelchair-bound or visually impaired – they should be allowed to pursue those goals.  Our mission is to do everything possible to connect disabled people with meaningful job opportunities, regardless of their physical issues.”

For Lennon, 44, who overcame multiple brain surgeries, two bouts with cancer, a heart aneurysm, and a grueling stem cell transplant that left him legally blind, the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission is the culmination of a lifelong dream to give back to others.

“I know the importance that mentors have meant in my own career,” said Lennon, who is founding partner and CEO of ROI Media Direct, a preeminent radio and television direct response advertising agency.  “With today’s advances, such as computer adaptive technologies, there’s no reason why people can’t excel in a limitless variety of corporate and entrepreneurial undertakings.”

Lennon says the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission will also be recognizing people from all walks of life who have refused to let physical limitations limit their success with the First Annual “No Limits” Award.  “We have already received some amazing nominations, and have posted their inspiring stories on this website, so please keep checking back.  We will be presenting this award at a special celebration (date TBA).”

In the meantime, Lennon is looking for companies and mentoring volunteers interested in making a huge impact on somebody’s life.  “The overwhelming majority of disabled people don’t want to be on disability – they want to work!  There are government programs, such as the Ticket to Work Program, that actually pay employers to hire the disabled… so please contact us for more details on how you can help.”

In addition, if you would like to share your inspiring story, or know of somebody you’d like to nominate for the “No Limits” Award, click on the “No Limits” Award Nomination Form and help spread the word by “LIKING US” on Facebook.