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If ever there was a perfect fit for a great cause and a sponsor, it’s the “No Limits” Award Mission and ROI Media Direct, a preeminent radio and television direct response agency.

“It was simply a natural fit,” says Patrick Lennon, who has achieved success in the face of serious physical challenges, many of which are chronicled on this website. “I’ve been looking for ways to inspire and mentor others who find themselves visually impaired, or diagnosed with various forms of cancer – all of which have occurred on multiple occasions in my life – and the “No Limits” Award Mission is a golden opportunity to do both.”

Together with partners Dr. Greg Cynaumon, Ph.D., whose impactful and unique approach to direct response script writing consistently tops industry standards for response rates, and Zeus Pelesus, a long time and respected radio sales executive, ROI Media Direct ROI Media Direct has emerged as one of the top direct response radio and television advertising agencies in the country with annual billing in excess of eight figures and growing.

ROI Media Direct has California offices in San Diego, Newport Beach and Santa Monica.  Lennon believes ROI Media Direct’s success in a highly competitive industry is, in large part, the result of treating its clients like partners, “and spending their media dollars as if it was our own money.  In short, we do everything we can to become an extension of their staff, and their ‘go to’ agency at all times.”

With such top tier clients as LifeLock, Regus Office Solutions, 1-800-DENTIST, The Phonics Game and many others, ROI Media Direct has enjoyed continual growth over the past few years, even as other advertising agencies have struggled or been forced out of business in this challenging economy.

Lennon cites a number of additional reasons for the agency’s success, including extremely strategic and disciplined buying and tracking on behalf of its clients, as well as copy that consistently “slices through the clutter… keeps our clients’ phones ringing… and their online shopping carts filled with orders.  It’s a style of writing ROI Media Direct calls ‘Ad•col•ogy.’”

Ad•col•ogy works, says Cynaumon who coined the term, by activating a consumer through shared experiences. “For instance, say you sell identity theft protection. Old school creative would toss crime stats out and play off consumer fears. That may work for a few buyers early on, but the campaign will ultimately sputter and stall,” he says.  “Ad•col•ogy analyzes the shared experiences of consumers who make up the largest group of potential consumers: those who are ambivalent about a given product or service, and turns them into enthusiastic buyers.”

Lennon also points out that the agency offers plenty of star power to endorse its clients’ products.  “Another big factor in our success is our ability to match celebrity endorsements with the right client and product,” he says.  “We can provide instant access to every major national and local radio personality in the country, including Sean Hannity, Jim Rome, Dan Patrick, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Howard Stern, Glenn Beck and so many others.  Plus, we also have access to over 3,600 professional athletes, Olympians and Hall of Famers who can do endorsements for our clients’ products.”

Somewhat surprisingly, ROI Media Direct offers all its scripting, direction, media planning, research, ad copy, placement and tracking for free.  “We only charge a competitively-priced agency commission for our work,” Lennon says. “I often get the question, ‘How the heck can you offer so many professional services for free?’  Well, the reason is simple.  We’ve been consistently successful over the years at creating and managing winning direct response advertising campaigns for our clients.  And the more successful those campaigns are, the more media our clients buy – and we grow right along with them.”

For Lennon, who started the agency out of his one-bedroom apartment despite a myriad of health issues, keeping his career dreams alive was very much part of his ultimate road to recovery.  “I can’t tell you how important it is to have a dream when you’re engaged in a fight for your life.  This is a message I’m looking forward to sharing, along with the stories of many other successful businesspeople that have overcome health hurdles, as part of our ‘No Limits’ Mission.”

For more information about ROI Media Direct, go to ROIMediaDirect.com or call 1-858-412-1400.