Nationally-recognized advocate for the visually impaired, Craig Schneider, named winner of the 2013 “No Limits” Mentoring Mission Award.

“No Limits” Mentoring Mission founder Lennon, who had to overcome multiple brain surgeries, two bouts with cancer, a heart aneurysm, and a grueling stem cell transplant that left him legally blind, says that publicizing the herculean efforts of individuals like Schneider is exactly why the ‘No Limits’ Mentoring Mission was formed in the first place.

He believes that sharing his story will help many other people coping with vision loss, himself included.   He lamented that it took a number of years to search out the right computer programs that would allow him to efficiently do his job.  “Craig’s software and personalized training was a significant difference-maker in helping me be more effective and productive in my position.

“Craig’s story is what the ‘No Limits’ Mentoring Mission is all about,” Lennon added.  “People who have overcome their own physical adversities and succeeded – even if they had to start all over again!  I should emphasize that every one of our nominees for the 2013 ‘No Limits’ Mentoring Mission Award had incredible stories to tell, and we’ve posted their inspirational stories on our website for everybody to read.”

For more information about Schneider’s groundbreaking computer technology for the visually impaired, go to or call 1-951-696-2118.

“We are trying to make lawmakers, employers and the public more aware of the needs of the blind community who desperately need computer technology assistance, and Laws that assist the disabled in obtaining employment.” says Schneider, whose innovations help people with all forms of disabilities to achieve new levels of independence, complete their education and start new careers.

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