“No Limits” Mentoring Mission nominates Peter Dawson, who overcame shattering career disappointment to soar in new field helping others.

Dawson joins a list of inspiring Americans – from television sports anchors to authors – who have been nominated for the “No Limits” Award created by Patrick Lennon, who is legally blind and overcame a host of medical challenges to become CEO of ROI Media Direct, a national radio and television direct response advertising agency.  The “No Limits” Mentoring Mission is dedicated to helping disabled people to achieve career goals through mentoring, training, technology, employer partnerships and special government programs that incentivize companies to hire this highly motivated, but largely forgotten segment of the American population.

At a special presentation (date TBA), a check will be handed to the “No Limits” Award winner to be given to the Braille Institute, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, or designated charity of his or her choice. In addition, the winner’s charity or cause will also receive $5,000 in free national media exposure via radio and/or television public service announcements. A nationwide press release program will also be launched to thousands of media outlets featuring the winner’s story and charity.

If you would like to share your story, know of someone you’d like to nominate for the “No Limits” Award, or are interested in helping to mentor or employ the disabled, go to NoLimitsAward.org or visit Facebook.com/NoLimitsAward.

If you are in the media, and interested in interviewing any of the “No Limits” nominees, please contact Patrick Lennon at patrick@roimediadirect.com.

7 thoughts on ““No Limits” Mentoring Mission nominates Peter Dawson, who overcame shattering career disappointment to soar in new field helping others.

  1. I was with Pete, Bryan and Kelly that day. Really amazing to see what he’s accomplished so far. We love and miss you. So proud to call you a friend. 🙂 Mis

  2. Pete, I’ll never forget visiting you in the hospital days after the accident…seems like yesterday. What an inspirational journey you’ve been on!

  3. Peter, you are one of my heroes! I will never forget the night of the accident and the ferry ride with your mother to Bremerton hospital. What you have done with your life is joyous and I admire you enormously. God continues to make you a huge blessing to a host of others – myself included!

  4. “No Limits Award” definitely causes me imagine a tiny bit further. I cherished each and every single part of this post.

  5. This man, Peter Dawson is an amazing human being.

    I met him just weeks before his accident in a track and field championship competition.
    He and I competed in the long jump event representing to different high schools.
    He was in first place and I was in second with just one more jump to go.
    And before I took my last jump Peter walked over to me and said he thought I could jump further if I could only make a couple of adjustments in my technique as he shared his thoughts.
    I was already in second place and figured I had nothing to lose so I took his advice and ended up jumping further to actually win the competition.
    Peter and I weren’t friends at the time and it was the first time we met. But
    he helped me do better even though I was his opponent just like he’s helped and inspired many people over the last four decades and today.

    After the accident when he was back on his feet and I’d visit him when I was in town, he lived alone. And from witnessing that , I for life ,was inspired.
    I’ve been blessed and have accomplished alot in my life so far and I truly give some of the credit to Mr Dawson because I knew if he could continue to live and confront his daily challenges and pursue his dreams and accomplish his goals , then I had no excuse. He could have given up. It was an option. But he didn’t.
    I know his journey has never ever been easy but nevertheless, he never complained to me about his situation .He simply integrated it into his life.and was always positive and eager to know how I was doing.

    I could go on and on about this very special man with whom I’ll always cherish our friendship until I die.


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