Q & A

Q.  What is the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission?
A.  The “No Limits” Mentoring Mission is a charitable outreach program dedicated to helping disabled people to achieve their career goals through mentoring, training, technology, employer partnerships and special governmental programs that incentivize companies to hire this highly motivated, but largely forgotten segment of the American population.

Q.  Who conceived the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission?
A.  The “No Limits” Mentoring Mission was conceived by Patrick Lennon, CEO and founding partner at ROI Media Direct, who endured multiple life-threatening brain surgeries, two bouts with cancer, a heart aneurysm, a stem cell transplant and blindness.  Lennon, along with partners Dr. Greg Cynaumon, Ph.D., and Zeus Peleuses, have helped to grow ROI Media Direct into one of the top direct response radio and television advertising agencies in the country with offices in San Diego, Newport Beach and Santa Monica, California.

Q. What is the “No Limits” Award?
A.  The “No Limits” Award celebrates business executives who have overcome serious physical disabilities and/or illnesses and attained leadership roles in their chosen professions.  The “No Limits” Award offers nominees a forum to share their inspiring life experiences with people of all ages who may be struggling with medical issues, from cancer to blindness.

Q.  Who is eligible to be nominated for the “No Limits” Award?
A.  Anybody who has overcome physical obstacles and become successful in their chosen profession is eligible to be nominated for the “No Limits” Award. Nominees must be willing to share their stories with others via this website, and may be featured in radio and television public service announcements, as well as in national publications and websites.

Q.  How will the “No Limits” Award Winner be selected?
A.  The “No Limits” Award Winner will be selected from nominations submitted to this website on the official “No Limits” Award Nomination Form… or by making a more informal nomination suggestion at Facebook.com/NoLimitsAward.  The “No Limits” Award Mission Nomination Committee, comprised of business leaders who have overcome physical issues themselves, will respond to all nominations within 24 hours.

Q.  How will the “No Limits” Award Mission benefit charities?
A.  During a special celebration (date TBA), the winner will be handed a check for $5,000 to be given to the Braille Institute, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, or the designated charity of his or her choice. In addition, the winner’s charity or cause will also receive $5,000 in free national media exposure via radio and/or television public service announcements. A nationwide press release program will also be launched to thousands of media outlets featuring the winner’s story and charity.

Q.  What are some of the key objectives of the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission?
A.  In addition to honoring and sharing the inspiring stories of disabled individuals who have overcome physical adversity and attained their goals, the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission will partner with companies and organizations that produce and offer leading edge computer adaptive technology, software and expert training to the visually impaired. “We will also publicize and assist people in utilizing a little-known governmental program that compensates employers for hiring the disabled, called the Ticket To Work Program,” said Lennon.  “In addition, we will use our own connections in the direct response radio and television advertising community to access opportunities for people.”  Finally, the “No Limits” Mentoring Mission welcomes people who have a “heart” to mentor others who could benefit from their experiences.