Total Blindness Turns Into ‘Stroke’ of Good Luck for “No Limits” Award Nominee Randyce Wechter

Besides running her business, Randyce’s second career is actively and happily “giving back” to the communities that supported her every step of the way during difficult times.  She is a founding Orange County Chapter member and current Chapter President for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, which has raised over $2 million for research.  She also has volunteered at the Braille Institute in Anaheim, California as a Sensory Awareness Teacher, Music Appreciation Teacher, Peer Support Team Counselor and Braille Institute Ambassador.

“I am so very grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity to help and inspire others – and to give them genuine hope that their disabilities needn’t diminish their abilities, dreams and goals.”  There is always hope!

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7 thoughts on “Total Blindness Turns Into ‘Stroke’ of Good Luck for “No Limits” Award Nominee Randyce Wechter

  1. I’ve known Randy for 10 years (as the mother of my best friend) and she is an amazing woman. When I first met her she was blind and even then, she never missed a beat. Since then, she has been unstoppable as an agent for change in the visually impaired community. I’m lucky to know her.

  2. Indeed, Randy has always been an amazing, inspiring woman, in the twenty years I’ve known her! Congratulations, Randy, on your nomination! You’re always in my thoughts!

  3. Randy is one of those people who make lemonade. In spite of many physical challenges in her life she has had a smile on her face and a wonderful positive attitude. She is truly committed to helping people who have challenges to face. Congratulations Randy!

  4. Above all the greatness Randy did, is doing and will do ..Determination, LOVE and love again is how I recognize this amazing human heart! She’s an inspiration for many and that all over US and Canada! Thx for showing me and CONGRADULATIONS 🙂

  5. My image of Randy is holding hands with Michael and Matthew and flying! Sightless, she could still see, determination and faith and never taking no for an answer is how she lives her life: a business woman, a manager, a writer, a mentor, a mother and wife—I watched it all and stand in awe. And there’s so much more to be revealed and revered!

  6. I have been fortunate to be friends with Randy since kindergarten. She has always been a caring, loving, energetic, passionate, athletic, resilient, determined person. I am thrilled that she is nominated for this award because she truly deserves it. I’m proud of you Randy and I love you!! Good luck!

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